Gerry Gareau is a modern-country singer-songwriter based in Montreal, Canada. 

You can immediately tell that Gerry writes from the soul which leads to a direct musical connection with the listener. 

It all starts with lyrics that are powerful and raw. Yet, Gerry throws in a modern spin that makes his sound resonate for his audience. 

This introspective, slow-burning song showcases Gerry’s sophisticated handle of music and his instinctive approach to songwriting and performance. Ever since this release, Gerry has been going from strength to strength. 

Gerry’s distinctive and unique sound recalls the likes of Tom Petty, Jason Aldean, Jack Johnson, Tom Cochrane and Luke Combs, to mention but a few artists. Just like these iconic singers, Gerry blends heartfelt lyrics with a catchy aesthetic. 

MMG publishing has picked up Gerry’s original music, leasing them to artists on an international level. Many of his tracks have found a new voice with a diverse array of musicians around the world using his songs to touch their listeners. 

Gerry Gareau has toured throughout South Africa, Canada, and the United States. On top of his global touring, he’s also had extensive airplay as well as number one singles in South Africa, including “The Rich get Richer, “ “Broken Silence”. This just shows the talent of a rich writer like Gerry. His music is personal and intimate, yet the ideas are universally relatable. 

Throughout Montreal, Gerry has been performing live alongside his 16-year old son, a talented versatile drummer. His live shows are distinctive and unique and have won him hearts across the country. 

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